How to Promote Your Escorts Agency

Running a successful escorts agency like is not an easy task, and one of the most difficult task is to know how to promote your agency. Most escorts agencies have web site these days, and they do go along way towards helping to promote your agency. A lot of UK papers will not accept adverts from escorts agencies, and this is one of the problems.

a love affair 

Sometimes, I just sit back and look at the escorts in Marble Arch industry and think to myself that something has gone a little bit wrong. After all, the escorts business has been around for a very long time and why can we not be more upfront about it. Looking around the UK press, you will see all sort of other agencies promoted but you seldom see an escort’s agency promoted.

Personally, I have started to take a look at some alternatives when it comes to promoting escorts agency. If you are a bit cheeky, there seems to be some back doors that you might be able to use.


Yes, you can actually use Pinterest to promote your agency but you have to be a bit crafty. For instance there is no way you can display pretty escorts on their pinboards but you can certainly create other pin boards.

Yesterday, I spent some time playing around with pin boards on Pinterest, and I noticed that there is nothing to stop you from promoting lingerie. There are actually quite a few lingerie promotions on Pinterest, and the great thing about this site is that you can post a link to your site.

I pinned one of my hubs from Hubpages about lingerie, and to my surprise within a couple of hours, I had not only been repinned but I had traffic as a result from my pins. This morning I looked again, and I noticed that I had 224 hits from Pinterest. Great news for me as my hub on Hubpages has a discreet link to an escorts site.


You can even use Twitter to promote your escorts agency. Once again I do this in a bit of a sneaky way, and I tweet a sexy tip every day. In the sexy tip it has a short URL link to my site, and this also seems to be able to drive traffic. Of course, if I was totally direct about my business Twitter would not be able to display the link, but as I am discreet about it, I seem to be getting away with it so far.

Another site

You can also set up another site that perhaps talks about the area. So if you are running an escorts agency in Canary Wharf in Marble Arch, you could have a special site that talks about many of the local tourist attractions in the area. The great thing about a site like that is that you own the site, and you could advertise your business on the site. As a matter of fact, you could even invite other businesses to advertise their services as well.

Looking at the internet as a whole, there are ways around the system and Google does not have to rule your life and your business as well.

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