I am bored with my boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been together for a couple of years and for some reason, things are getting to be a little bit boring. I don’t know what to do and my boyfriend is not keen to talk about it. He says that my life at http://charlotteaction.org/bury-park-escorts Bury Park escorts is too exciting and that is why I am getting bored with him. That is not true at all, and there is no way that my life with Bury Park escorts is really that exciting. Sure, I enjoy dating but I can’t really say that my life with Bury Park escorts is exciting.

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I would love to try some new things in the bedroom but my boyfriend keep resisting my efforts. It is a bit like he has become a little bit on the lazy side. He seems to think that he is lucky to have it all on tap at home, and that he does not need worry about my pleasure or happiness. That is not true at all and I am not sure that we are going to last if we keep going like this. I have told my friends at Bury Park escorts that I am seriously worried about my relationship.


It can be hard to spice things up when you have been together for a long time but it is worth trying. Personally I am really into sex toys but my boyfriend does not even want to try. He says that his hands, finger and tongue are good enough when it comes to having fun in the bedroom. I know what he means but many of my friends at Bury Park escorts have spiced up their relationships by using sex toys. They are really fun and they can bring you a lot of satisfaction.


My boyfriend and I do not argue but things are pretty tense in between us. Sometimes I don’t feel that he listens to me and that makes me angry. I think that it is really important that you listen to each other in relationships. To be honest, I out of with my boyfriend’s interest in car racing. He has a lot of time away from home racing cars and my friends at Bury Park escorts do know this gets on my nerves. It would be nice if we had more things to do together.


Sometimes I feel that I am just there to do the house cleaning and stuff like that. I do actually work very long hours at Bury Park escorts and I am often tired when I come home. Many of the other girls that I work with at Bury Park escorts are not in relationships. It can be hard to combine escorting and personal relationships. I am beginning to wonder if I have done the wrong thing here and that I should not have got involved with my boyfriend in the first place. Fortunately we don’t own anything together, so there should not be such a mess to unravel if we were to split up.

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