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I don’t only date in Ilford. Yes, Ilford is my home town, but I do really enjoy dating in other parts of London as well. I used to date all of the same escorts all of the time, but after a little while I got bored. New and exciting dating styles are a must for me, and the best way to experience something new and exciting, is to date around a bit. The girls that I date in Romford, are hot little cupcakes and they tend to be a bit more cosmopolitan girls in Ilford.


Yes, the Polish babes who work in Ilford, are great but if I want some special London escorts action, I always pop across to Romford. The babes who work in Romford are super-hot, and I have even been able to date Indian girls in this part of London. It is hard to find Indian escorts in London, but there are quite a few of the hot babes dating in Romford. So, if you are looking for a bit of a spicy date, you should pop over to Romford.

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London rocks!


It isn’t just the London escorts who are special. London did not used to be the place to go out in, or even hang out in for a night. However, a lot of that has changed recently and you can now find some really great places in London. It is getting to be rather trendy, and some nice restaurants and bars are opening up. Many of them are gastro pubs, and what I would call classier wine bars. I do have out a lot, and I seem to be spending more time in London these days.


Last year, I never used to go out in London that much, but this year, I have more or less stopped going out in central London. It is a bit cheaper to go out in London, and I can always bring a couple of London escorts with me on a date. It is nice to be able to go out a bit closer to home, and it is also cheaper to get home. I am not really into using public transport late at night, so I often end up taking a cab. It can cost a fortune, and my money certainly seems to go a long way in London.


I love dating London escorts, and there is no way that I am going to give up dating the hot babes here. Before I discovered that it was easier to date in London, I used to date up West. The escorts were amazing but to be perfectly honest, they did not give me anything that the hot babes in London can do. I am able to have a lot more fun here in London, and it certainly helps it is cheaper. My one hour date normally turns into two hours, twice the satisfaction.