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It was a sad past, being broken for so long was not easy at all. I tried my best to move forward, but I can’t let go of people who hurt me. There are times I blame myself for those times because I feel like I lack efforts or everything. But then I realized no matter how big or small you give for someone if they choose to leave you, then they will.
I thought I was in my happiest when I finally marry the love of my life. I thought we would be together for so long and cherish each moment together until we will be old and gray. My dream is to make my family happy; I was always a good provider for them, made sacrifices just for them. I love my wife so much; she is my queen and doesn’t want her to be tired herself so much. I gave her everything to make her happy. I tried to make her smile whenever she feels sad. Because that was supposed a husband do, making her partner always feel wanted.
I am so in love with Jennifer way back before when we were still kids. I knew that it is too early for me to talk about love but I knew that in point of my life I was in love with her. They say it is puppy love, but I don’t think so, there is no day I forgot to think about her and always wish to be with her someday. Jennifer is the muse of our town, everyone allured by her beauty. She is not the kind of woman that is talkative; she spends time alone. Sometimes her parents brought her to the park before but I am shy to go near her. There are what is in my mind like what if she doesn’t like me or reject my friendship.
As I grow old, I never had a girlfriend but heard a lot of men passed by her. Sometimes, I am happy that she and her boyfriend broke up even it made her sad. I am so glad because I knew I got a chance. We enroll in the same school, and happy that she and I have the opportunity to meet. I am so serious with her that I confessed my feelings and proved it to her. We had a relationship and decided to marry her. Perhaps she was not ready at that time and avoid to say no and hurt my feelings and everyone who witness the proposal. Our marriage life did not go well and ended in divorce. It was horrible. The good thing is I knew a Bromley escorts from who help me mends my heart and move on during the worst time of my life. I am happy to know about a Bromley escorts.