My Perfect Slutty Wardrobe Choices for East London Escorts

When you work for an escort service in London, a lot is expected of you. You may think that gentlemen like to date perfect discreet dames all of the time, but that is not true. It does not matter what girls who are new to the game say – a lot of guys still want to hook up with girls who are real sluts. I don’t have a problem with being a slut, and that is why I make the most out of my slutty look at East London escorts of

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If you would like to get that slutty East London look, you really need to focus on your appearance. What is hanging up in your wardrobe is what you need to ask yourself. It is all too easy to think that it is easy to look like a slut, but these days, to achieve the perfect slutty look, it does take some doing. I have spent a small fortune of my slutty wardrobe for East London escorts.


No slutty escort can get away with not wearing something animal print. Some girls go for all different animal prints but I still like my tiger or leopard prints. They may not be so easy to come across these days, and I do spend a lot of time looking through charity shops to find the perfect additions to my East London escorts wardrobe. When I find what I am looking for, I grab with both hands and buy before anybody else can do so. Over the years I have been able to add some really interesting vintage items to my wardrobe thanks to my love for animal prints. Some of them have even come from top leading designers. You be surprised what you can find in the back of charity shops.


Shoes and boots are important as well. That does not mean that you can just pop into Marks and Spencer and pick up a pair of kitty heels. No, if you want to give off that slutty appearance when you are on dates, you really need to be prepared to spend a bit of extra money on your footwear. I would say that my shoes and boots make up the most expensive part of my wardrobe, and my colleagues at East London escorts often seek my advice when it comes to footwear.


What about lingerie? Well, this is really important. A slut like me can wear anything from a cheap cotton top to a pair of expensive knickers. The good about being a slut is that you don’t need to spend a small fortune on lingerie. You would be surprised to find out that a lot of my lingerie comes from places like Tesco or cheap deals from Anne Summers. It is all about the look and when you want to be a slutty escort that is really what you need to work on. Some girls can’t find their inner slut, but a few of my friends from East London escorts have indeed succeeded.