Sex Sells



It does not matter if it is a bit of twerking or a cleavage hanging out, all artists these days seem to think that sex sells music. I am sure it helps, but I do wonder what it says about their music. Is it really that great? Just like all of my other friends at the South London escort agency I love to listen to music when I work. As a matter of fact, my life outside of South London escorts is full of music as well. It really is important to me, and I consider it as one of life’s necessities if you like. The question is whether you need sex to sell music.

When I work at South London escorts, I have my own favorite music. Some of my music is totally different from what you would expect. Many of dates are surprised to come in and hear things like classical music instead of modern music. Like so many of the other girls here at South London escorts, I am also seriously into chill out music. I think that it helps to make many of my dates at South London escorts relax and feel better about a date.

The thing is that none of the music that I use in my South London escorts of has been represented by sexy videos or anything like that. Yes, it never stops you from getting into sensual mode. At least that is what all of my gents at South London escorts say. Personally I think that proves the point you don’t need to have show sexy videos to sell music. You can just show sensual images instead, and I think that turns a lot more people on anyway. That is what I would do if I was a music artist.

It is not only the videos are a little bit too close for comfort. If you look at some of the stage performances, you really need to ask what is going as well. There is no way that I would want to dance like that. Before I worked for South London escorts, I used to be a stripper and I was always very careful with how I danced and stuff like that. Most of the dancing today is just to provocative and I am not so sure that it is sexy at all. Most of my dates here at South London escorts do not go to concerts and I keep on wondering why. Do they not get turned on by them at all?

If the music is good, you don’t need sex to sell your music. You just need good music and a nice voice. There is no way that our modern way of selling music would go down well in years past. Yes, I know that the dancers had short skirts and stuff like that, but I could not see them doing stuff like Twerking. As a matter of fact, I don’t find Twerking sexy at all. I think it is just looks stupid. Would you catch me doing it? No, I am afraid that you would not catch me dancing like that. These days I am sort of more into slow dancing. Done right, slow dancing is ten times more sexier than any other type of dancing that I know of.