Starting a new agency in a city which is really packed out with escorts agencies can be a bit of a risk.

However, I did not let that put me off, and I just went in with both guns blazing. But, I soon learned that there was a lot I needed to know. That being said, we were getting dates from almost day one, so that proved to me that I was doing the right thing. Still, I decided to adopt the attitude that life, and work, is all about leaning. The more we learn, the more active we are and that is good.

Okay, I have to own up and say that I have always been really into role play. It started when I played dress up as a little kid, but throughout my life it took on completely new dimensions. Finally, when I joined, I was a bit of a role play specialist. It was great for the agency as they needed somebody with a sense of fun, and there are a lot of people around London who are into a bit of role play. Of course, not everybody takes it to the extreme that I do, but some people seem to enjoy it more than others.

After I had been working for my London escorts for a few years, I felt that I wanted to move on. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but in the end I came up with the idea of starting my own agency. The truth is that I did not want it to be the same as many of the other agencies that you can find in London. Run of the mill agencies seem to open up every day, but I am not sure how much business they are getting. I thought that a niche agency would do so much better.

I did some research, and I finally open up my own specialist role play agency. My boss thought I was a bit nuts, but it is going really well. I love every moment of what I am doing. At first I thought it was going to be difficult to find girls who liked role play as much as I do, but it really wasn’t. I met some great girls who seemed to enjoy role play as much as I do, and we are having a great time doing what we are good at.

All of the girls who work for my agency are really into being London escorts, and that matters a lot. Not all London escorts feel as passionate about their jobs as we do, and I am sure. My aim is for us to be the be niche London escorts agency in town, and I am sure that will happen. I know that many other niche agencies have opened, and they are doing okay. Perhaps this is the best way forward if you are interested in opening new escorts agencies in London – go niche or not at all!