Thai Brides in London

Not all girls who arrive as Thai brides have a great time. A few years ago I worked with a couple of girls at another London Outcall escorts who had arrived in the UK as Thai brides. When they had arrived, the men they were going to marry were nothing like the gents who had communicated with them. At first they were rather confused by it all but went ahead and got married anyway. Unfortunately, none of the unions were happy ones. A couple of the girls ended up being abused.
One of the girls who eventually fled and got a job with London escorts, ended up living in a house with lots of different men, and basically became their sex slave. Not only was she expected to service all of their personal needs, but she was also expected to do all of their laundry and house work. She says the gents were rather well off but this is not want she had come to the UK for. After about a year she finally managed to get away from the house and the men in the house.
She was not the only unfortunate girl that I have met at London escorts. Another girl that I met about six months ago had arrived in the UK thinking that she was going to be marrying this guy in his mid 30’s. When she arrived at London Heathrow, she was met by a guy in his late 50’s. The persona and profile he had put had been completely false. To my amazement she told me that she had still married this guy and that they lived together for a year.
A few months later, I met another Thai bridge. She had fallen in love with the guy online and wanted to be with him. When she first arrived in the UK, everything was fine and her guy really looked after. Gradually things started to change and she ended up as an adult model and porn star. It was during this time she met a girl who worked for London escorts and managed to get away. The guy she was living with had started to turn violent and she was honestly really afraid of him. I told her to report him to the police but she did not want to go back to Thailand.
I keep on wondering how many Thai brides end up in trouble when they come to the UK. At the moment there are a lot of Thai girls working for London escorts, and it would be interesting to hear their stories. Have they been through similar experiences and are many of the escaped Thai brides? Looking at the entire Thai bride case scenario, it very much seems like human trafficking to me. You pay an agency for your girl and she is shipped off to you. If a girl is lucky, she may get a chance to meet her future husband before she arrives in the UK. But, there are still a lot of girls arriving in the UK who have never met their husbands or partners before they turn up at the airport.