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It was always my pleasure to make a girl happy. It affected me as a person; somehow I thought that it is the right thing to do. It is what I saw in the movies, and what other people do. So therefore in my young mind believed it. But as time goes on, I started to question myself. Do I have to make every girl like me? It is a hard task to have. It always requires me to sacrifice my happiness for someone to be happy. I do not want that in my shoulder, nor do other guys. It is not right to give all that you have to make a girl happy. It is unfair and downright cruel to the guys. When I had my first girlfriend, I was very young. I am a sophomore in high school when I met Denyle. She was a bright student and was very good at math. I used to think that she had a smile of an angel; it was like innocent and pure. But she always demanded me to please her. It requires lots of time and focus on making a girl happy. I gave her flowers on Valentine’s Day and made a complete fool of myself. I also regularly give her chocolates because I was so in love with her and afraid to lose her. After a year with her, she was getting worst and worst. I think that I had already spoiled her. Whenever I did something that she did not like, she would be angry at me instantly. It came to the point that I could not handle her anymore and decided that I would be better off without her. When I broke up with her, she got pretty angry and punched me in the neck. Maybe I deserved it? I do not know. I still did not learn my lesson, when I got to college and had a good relationship with a cute girl at college. My story remained the same. At first, I did many things for her to be happy. I took her to lunch or dinner whenever I could. I help her do some of her projects while not doing mine. I also gave her expensive flowers in some occasion. Buying her shoes was a regular for me. I do this thing to make a girl happy. But in the end, I am the one who is miserable. If I only knew that it is going to be this way. I would just book Tooting escorts from Tooting escorts are the most effective way for me to be happy. They always make me happy and grateful. Tooting escorts is simple the better option than pleasing a girl.